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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ok , last time, I promise

I have now made and posted a  total of four pages using pictures from my Mother's Day outing including, this one, this one, one of these, and this. By the time I got to this layout, I finally started to tire of them a little bit, and had to push myself to get started. I'm glad I did, because I wanted to get out what I had to say:

Which is this:

So, I think I got it all out of my system.

 But it did get me thinking; If I love my photos, why don't I just print them, put them in an album, and then admire them to my heart's content? Some of it is that I like the hobby--the pretty papers, brads, stickers, etc. I like to cut and glue design. Sometimes I don't like my pictures but I just want to record a memory, or a thought; Scrapbooking has become more and more of a personal journal for me. But, when I am  inspired by my photos-it still feels different. I sometimes love my pictures so much, that it's not enough for me to just look at them. I feel like I NEED to DO something with them. I need to touch them, and make something pretty out of them. And after 4 pages of printing, cutting, taping, designing, I finally feel done. And NOW I can sit back and just look at them.

What about you? What inspires you to get scrapping?

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  1. Love this, Aliza! And which city do you live in--NYC? I just go with whatever is getting me excited at the moment:)