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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Layout and a bit about Max

I have another layout, and it features Sam, once again. It seems like he's been the focus a lot lately, and since I think I might be programmed to feel guilty if, G-d forbid, one child should feel less loved than the other, I want to do a little catch up on Max. Though, to be honest, I know I've been recording a lot about Sam, because a few months ago, Max was in the limelight. I suppose like anything else, these sorts of things ebb and flow naturally, but I sometimes worry that one day, many years from now, my kids will look back at my scrapbooks, and decide to count how many they each have. What if there is a huge discrepancy? Is that something I should be keeping track of?

So first, Sam. And, his friend who worked very hard on a magic show for a recent, neighborhood talent show.

And, now, Max. Here's what I wanted to say about the kid on the right. I don't even have a recent photo of just him.

Since Passover, he's been away almost every Shabbos for his friends' Bar Mitzvahs. And while he was home for the other six days of the week, having him home last Friday night made us all very happy. It just felt "right" to have the whole gang back together. Even Sam was pleased. They even played together!! And most of the time it did not end in a fight. Neither of them played with friends on Saturday afternoon. They played together some more!!

And, it also seemed to Dave and me, that Max got funnier while he was away. He had some good lines that Friday night. So Max, we're glad to have you back. So happy to have you, that I plan to scrap about your return to our Shabbos table, as soon as I can get you outside to take a new photo.

Whether it's about kids or not, do you ever worry about keeping your scrapbooking "fair?"

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  1. I was thinking recently the same thing - lately I mainly scrap layouts about the baby or about my oldest daughter. My second DD is left out. But it is because I am trying to scrap the pictures in my 2000 photo album when my second daughter was not born yet.