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Monday, June 20, 2011


My goal in the last few months was to post at least once a week, and work my way up to at least two. And I was doing alright, until, apparently June 3rd. Which is precisely when I thought I'd have more time for blogging and scrapping. And to that, I say, oops.

It hasn't been a total loss; I have finally been able to do some reorganizing, and I found a new home for my photo printer and cricut, which clears up ALOT of space on my desk. Now I just need the Salvation Army to come pick up the boxes of books I had to get rid of to make some space.

I have been keeping up with the scrapping, though. I was hoping to have done LOTS of scrapping...the kind where you see patterned paper when you close your eyes at night, and you wake up early with a start, because you just had another great idea, and you can't wait to get to work. Maybe in July.

In July we will be in Israel, and the kids will be in camp for a few weeks, and I will not have work. We are almost there.

Meawhile, I will start today by catching up on the June sketched at Simply Scrapping Crafts. The sketch challenges are open all month, so you can join in for a couple more weeks. And the prize this month is sponsored by Apron Strings, and prizes are always fun. Especially if you win.

This one is actually from May 28th, but I'll post it anyway, because I like the little snapshot of life. And it mentions Dr. Who, about which (or whom) I hope to scrap and post more about in the coming weeks.

Then comes this one:

Then this:

Which I was happy that it inspired me to make this layout, which also, BTW, mentions Dr. Who:

And then finally,

I could go on and on about each layout, but I've already run on too long. So I'll say goodbye for now, and I hope to be back soon.

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