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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sarcastic Scrapping

If you haven't guessed by now, I am fond of the scrapbooking. Just a bit. I love blogs, magazines, stores, websites, etc, etc, etc. I love the craft, and i love the focus on recording the stories of our little corner of the universe. But, something that sometimes used to leave me a little wanting is this: scrapbooking always seems so serious. And nice. And my family here--we are not so much. We all love each other dearly, but we also tease each other all the time, we tell somewhat tasteless jokes (age appropriate, of course), and as long as a joke is funny, and doesn't hurt anybody's feelings, pretty much anything goes here. .

I could never figure out how to capture that in my scrapbooking. I tried a little bit with this:

But still, I wanted more. I was happy to discover Moom Ko, and Cheryl Overton managed to be funny an sarcastic in their layouts, and they have given me some inspiration (do they know I'm talking about them right now?).

Anyway, I feel like I finally hit the jackpot with this guy:

The journaling reads: "As a self proclaimed expert on everything, Max has selflessly taken upon himself the responsibility of pointing out the errors and shortcomings of others, and of generally adding his 2 cents to not just anything, but everything as well.

Luckily Max has always (even as a toddler) had the ability to laugh at himself. He has accepted the nickname "White Out," and recently self-mockingly declared,"If it weren't for my constant complaining and criticizing, nothing would get done around here."

I was a little worried that Max would be offended by this layout, but when I showed it to him he was just fine. Which proves my point about Max being able to laugh at himself. I like that it makes use of a photo in which Max refused to smile, (just to be a little snarky to me), it captures an ongoing joke, and a true element of Max's personality, even though, in truth, its not really one of his stellar qualities. But, he knows it, we know it, and it's part of our life together. We are not perfect people.

And if I might add, I love my little patchwork grid, and I have yet to meet a layout that doesn't look fabulous with a couple of butterflies thrown in. I love the way this layout came out so much, that I pretty much copied it exactly for this.

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