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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Insert Clever Title Here

In a recent post I shared a whole bunch of layouts based on sketches for Simply Scrapping Crafts. I wanted to go back and share more about one of them, just because I like it so, and I feel like I had more to say about it.

All I wanted to add is that the day after our "very fine day," I took my camera out to the bus stop to take some pictures so I could scrap about the day before. And Max was making lots of goofy poses, and just generally trying to avoid having his picture taken. And then I said, "Oh, I just wanted to take pictures so I can scrap about yesterday, because I had such a nice time." And then he said, "Oh," and quickly posed for a couple of shots. Which made me happy that he got it. And I think it means he had a nice time too.

I was thinking about adding that detail to the layout itself, but, frankly, I ran out of room. Which has been happening a lot lately. Even when I write my journaling first, (usually in here:)

I generally don't type it until the other elements of a layout come together. And by then, what I have written is often too long. Methinks I will have to tweak my process soon. Either I will have to learn to build my layouts around my journaling blocks, which means I will need to get better at designing said blocks, OR, I am beginning to think more about how blogging about my scrapbooking is not just a way to share my work, but also a place to record even more about life. I know I am not the first to think of blogging in this way, but I am still warming to the idea. I don't easily give up pen, paper, adhesive, and scissors to technology. Except for typing, because I am not a fan of my handwriting.

And, just for the record, I also love the photos in this layout for the way they capture the relationship between Max and Sam. They will probably get used again. And maybe even again.

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