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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Learning Something New

Since I am trying to slowly crawl my way back into the blogging world, it means that I have lots of projects that I have yet to share here.

Like April's Write.Click.Scrapbook gallery project. This month is mini madness, which gave me an excuse to try out one of those adorable 4x4 We R Memory Keepers albums. I have long admired all the gorgeous pocket paged scrapbooking out there, but have not been able to successfully implement it myself. I find myself uncomfortable with the format, which make me give up pretty quickly, and I head back to my good ole' 12x12 paper.  But when a new format or technique is a challenge, I have always found it easier to start small. When it come to pocket page albums, 4x4 is about as small as it gets. I also kept the journaling to just the first page, which gave me one less thing to think about in the later pages. Without worrying about journaling, I had a little more brain space to practice making pocket pages look pretty. There were also times in the making of this album, where I felt like I was just copying other people's style. I decided I was okay with that too, because imitation is a great way to learn. I encourage my preschool children to learn from their peers, so I figured I should give myself the same permission.

While the format and the style is all a little new to me, the subject matter, that is my family and our love for sitting on the couch  is something that I am quite familiar with.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Clique Kits April Challenge

Every few months, I have a great burst of blogging. Then a few months later, I blog less frequently. Then a few months after that, I stop altogether. 

It gets really hard to start up again after that. It's like exercising. Except, returning to exercising after a dry spell is easier for me than returning to blogging. Seriously. 

Anyway, here I am, slowly making my way back here. I am here to share this layout with the lovely April Clique Kit. I made this layout for Clique Kits' monthly challenge, which is an "Anything Goes" How easy is that? 

This month's challenge is sponsored by Fancy Pants Designs, and the winner will receive a Me-ology prize pack!

You still have until April 30th to link up to this challenge.
Good luck!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Write.Click.Scrapbook. February Gallery

Happy February, everyone. I am kind of excited to share this layout. It took me a while to figure out what to make for this month's theme, "Love is in the Air." I am not so good at romantic layouts. I like my layouts to be a little bit more specific than "I love you." And, all my recent pictures and stories are Bar Mitzvah related. I was at a loss for a while. So I searched through my phone and found this photo from early December, and then, as it often does, it all came together. For the photo, I used my most favoritest filter in my PicTapGo app, called Mama's Tap Shoes. With those colors, the photo worked deliciously with some items from my stash, from January's Clique Kit, and from the Clique Kits store. And, most importantly, the story emerged. It isn't big, or eventful, but it captures the little fact that I like coming home to people every day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Clique Kits Pep Rally!

Welcome to this month's pep rally, all the way from Danielle's blog! Congratulations on making it to the end of the line. I hope you are enjoying all the inspiration out there this month.

In the spirit of this month's kit, Tailor Made, the challenge is to create something sewn, stitched, crocheted, embroidered, quilted, or knitted. 

This is not my forte.

But, I do have a card on which I tied some of the lovely black twine that was included in this kit:

And I personalized the inside, since I used this card for a friend's bridal shower:

There is an extra credit challenge for this month's pep rally, which is to include a goal for the new year. Since I am just coming off of my son's Bar Mitzvah, I have one goal and one goal alone. To just be. (Wish me luck.)

Here is the full line up for the blog hop:


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holiday Moments

I'm going to go all the way back to Thanksgiving for this first one. 

After all the  preparing and eating of food, we headed to the living room, as we always do, and the conversation, as it always does, turned to politics-Israeli politics in particular. In that moment I found it funny that we were having the same conversation that we have had a million times before, and that we will probably have a million more times. Because that is how it goes. So after all the close up photos of people preparing and eating, I stepped back to take a bigger look at the room and the people in it, and I saw this one conversation as one of many, many more.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clique Kits January Challenge

One of the goodies in this month's Clique Kits is a set of wood veneer triangles from Creative Embellishments.

The kit is chock full of these triangles. Every time I thought I used most of them, I found a few more scattered around my desk. So they will keep popping  up on future layouts.

This month's challenge is "anything goes with a twist," and the twist is to use some products from Creative Embellishments. The twist is not required, so you can enter any project for a chance to win this $25 gift certificate.

Here is my project, which I rather love. I mostly used the January kit, with some letter stickers from the November kit for my title, and a couple of Evalicious stickers, which were available as an add on to the December kit. And I love them.  A lot.

I can't wait to see what you create!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015 and Hello 40

Happy New Year!

I'll make it brief so you can get back to fulfilling your New Year's Resolutions. I am just here to share this month's layout for Write.Click.Scrapbook's January gallery. The theme, as it often is for January, is "Decades." And since I turned 40 just a few days ago, it seemed pretty fitting to scrap about that.

Leading up to my birthday, I didn't really have all that much to say about the number. I have been pretty busy with Bar Mitzvah planning, so the big birthday was just at the back of my mind. But then there it was, 11:30-something PM, on December 26th, and suddenly I felt a little sad that I will never be in my 30's again. Not that it matters much, but still. You just get to do it once.

So that little moment,and the thoughts that followed make up this page:

At first, when I wrote out the journaling, I thought, "That's it? 10 years, and you can sum it all up in 14 lines?" But the topics covered there are family, work, scrapbooking, and Israel. So, yes. That pretty much sums up everything I do. (Except for some synagogue work, but that is a longer story, so I decide to leave it off this page.)

Thanks for stopping by!