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Friday, February 25, 2011


Seeing as I named this blog People of the Scrapbook, it seems that I should have some Jewish content, and not just pictures of Jews. So, Purim is coming up, which I think is my favorite holiday: It's just fun. It's got a good story, so good I don't even mind listening to it twice. Well, the second one I usually hear about 6 am. That one is less exciting. Kids dress up, everyone's out delivering mishloach manot, and then you get to eat and drink. Oh, and there's making mishloach manot, and baking hamantashen. The kids love it all. It's just plain, good fun.

I was hoping to post my super, awesomely cute tags I made for mishloach manot, but it's rainy today, and way too dark to take anything resembling a decent photo. So, instead I'll share my layout from last Purim. Also, no good pictures of that either. But good enough.

If you read it carefully, you will see that I did not make that scrapbook page till January 2011. Yes, Purim was in March 2010, and I did not scrapbook it till 2011. Here's where I got stuck: There were so many pictures I liked, and I thought I would have to do a few pages to talk about all the different things about the day. But, in a bout of scrapbook productivity, I decided it was getting done, no matter what. So, I just slapped 'em all in one big grid, added a bunch of journaling, some paper to make it pretty, and done. (scrap and slap, I say)

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