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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Clique Kits Pep Rally!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first Clique Kits blog share of 2016! If you're following along in order, you should be coming from  Leigh Ann's blog.

I worked on this layout during my winter vacation, though it tells a story from our summer vacation. Clearly, I am not big on chronological scrapbooking. 

In the summer we embarked on a two and a half week road trip, from New York city to Orlando, and then back again. There were many fun times, and we saw many great sights. Some sights, however, were less exciting to our children. One of the phrases that was oft repeated, and it soon became a running joke was, "Why don't you stop and take pictures for twenty minutes." That was their charming way of letting us know that they were not impressed.

I just adored the colors in this kit, especially the red and black. Seriously, I just love the color black.

I made another road trip layout with Alegria. It is also based on the antics of those same two teenage boys spending dozens of hours together in a car. It's a little embarrassing, and seems a little un-classy for the scrapbooking world. But, I am probably not the only mother of teenage boys out there. So, I'm just going to go ahead and share it.

Don't judge me.

Here is the rest of the lineup for today's hop:
Leigh Ann
Aliza-c'est moi

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