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Monday, December 24, 2012

One Day More

I know much of the world is counting down to celebrating Christmas. I think it's pretty clear from other posts on this blog, that I celebrate a different winter holiday. So I am breathlessly waiting to see Les Miserables. I apologize in advance to all those in the theater with me, for I can't promise that I won't sing along with the whole score. I plan to go early in the morning, so that should cut down on the number of people's movie experience that I ruin.

In a total non related matter, I have thought more about what year long projects to take on for 2012. I don't have an exact plan, but the beginnings of one. I definitely want to continue to take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month. I will continue to use Ella's Guided Inspiration Kit for...well...inspiration. I do know, that doing this on my own, I wold probably fall off the layout wagon. But, I can print pictures, and stories. I have some 4x6 templates saved and ready to go, to get it all done as efficiently as possible.

I was also wondering how to take part in Project Life without failing miserably at keeping up. And though the saying usually goes, "think big," I decided to think small. I made this little album (completely inspired by some December Dailies out there):

It's Studio Calico's lovely 6x8 album, with divided page protectors. I just love the look and feel and size of it. I still doubt I will be able to keep up with 52 weeks of Project Life, but I can definitely fill it with little photos and stories that might not otherwise make it onto a full layout. And, I can put my Take 12 in 2013 photos in there as well. So worst case scenario, I will have 144 pictures in it at the end of the year. Not too shabby.

Whatever you are waiting for, may your tomorrow be merry and bright.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Write.Click.Scrapbook January Sneak

I definitely had fun with this one. I can't wait to share the rest with you. But until the new year you will have to make do with just this:

Head over to the WCS Facebook page for more sneaks throughout the day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take Twelve December Layout

And here she is. The last Take Twelve layout of the year.

This layout nearly did me in. To make life easier I printed 11 of the photos as a photo collage. They are actually two 3.5x5 inch collages, and  then one photo in the 3.5x5. Then, I lay the three photos out on my paper, and thought it looked horrible. But I played and I played, and I worked and I worked, and my eyes are killing me from moving around so many tiny Lily Bee letter stickers. (But, oh, I love them so. They make it worth losing my 20/20 vision.) It all came together when I added those three tab stickers from Basic Grey. The addition of the red and orange to the color scheme, just made the rest fall into place.

So now Take Twelve 2012 is complete. I have loved this project, I love my album, and I love looking back at all the photos from this year. So totally worth it.

You can upload your layout here until midnight, EST, on Tuesday for a chance to win  a lovely prize from Compendiumpurveyor of inspiring words, books, journals and more.

Hmm, I am considering photo projects for next year. I had a crazy idea to give Project Life a go. I was thinking maybe a mini version, because I know a big 12x12 weekly album will likely end in failure for me. But I've been eyeing some 6x8 albums with divided page protectors. What are your project plans for 2013?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12; The Final Take 12 Photos

This one was intimidating; It's Chanukah; the last Take 12 of the year; And the famous 12/12/12. It just felt like these photos had to really count. At some points during the day, it didn't feel like anything that spectacular was happening, though. So I just did what I always do-I took lots of pictures, some planned, but mostly not, and I hope that a story or pattern would emerge.

There were the usual everyday photos and stories.

Like Sam in his waking up stage. His clothes are on top of him, a sensory cue from his dear mother, to let him know it was really time to start getting dressed.

Like the calendar hanging on our refrigerator filled with illustrations, silly comments, and a countdown to Chanukah. The 27th is my birthday, so Max drew a little picture of me, with the description, "this is how you usually look." He's joking! Of course, he's joking!

Like my funny, little (5'10") jokester and his new best friend.

Max also provided me with this screenshot to properly commemorate all the 12's of the day. His 12:12 screen shot came out way better than mine, due the uber coolness of his home screen photo (that was taken this summer  while walking on the Williamsburg bridge.) I also like this photo in this particular collection, since the rest of the photos will be Jewlicious, what with it being Chanukah, and all.

See? Candle lighting:

Jelly doughnut eating:

 And multiple viewing of Adam Sandler singing the Chanukah Song. why two photos of that? Well, first we watched this version of a concert where the entire audience sang along to all the words. Then we watched this version when it was just another SNL bit. ( I am really not sure if this is the original airing.) I love that a guy made up a funny song that had the power to become part of a shared American Jewish experience. It's moving and meaningful to pass on traditions that go back a millennium or two, but it feels equally significant that the traditions continue to thrive, to weave themselves into a larger culture, and to pick up some new flavors on their journey through the generations.

And, with that, I sadly bid adieu to you, Take 12, 2012.
Actually, I still have a layout to make. And you can still link your photos here for a chance to win a prize from Compendium,purveyor of inspiring words, books, journals and more.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

WCS December Gallery

It's finally here--the December gallery at WCS! This month we all scrapped our favorite photos. To be honest, my "favorite photo" is always being replaced by a new favorite photo. But these ones here, I think I'll love for a good long while.

These photos are from the day after hurricane Sandy hit. You can probably guess why they are faves; 2 kids who are actually expressing affection for each other. And, since it was right after the storm, I was also feeling love for the newly battered New York City, and I love the glimpses of her in the background.

Happy December everyone!