My Scrapbook Resume

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Write.Click.Scrapbook May gallery

The theme for this month's gallery is "Everydaily." I feel like most of my layouts are about little everyday moments, and this one is no different. Dave has a tendency to leave notes for me on the computer (sweet) or on the front door (usually funny). I collect them in piles, and at some point I stick them in scrapbooks, but here I just recorded the general practice. This page also allowed me to include this hand written note that I found from Max, after we learned all about belfies. (For the full definition, click on the picture below.)

Here's a couple of examples of what I find:

 When both Max and Dave upgraded to new phones:

Upon my return from Israel: 

And it's funny, because back in 2011, I scrapbooked and blogged about a similar topic.

If nothing else, we are consistent.