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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Max Layout

So, I really, really was inspired by Amy Sorenson's series on scrapbooking your teen, because here is another one. Sam has started to notice that Max has been the subject of the latest layouts, so I'll have to catch up on some Sam layouts soon. Luckily, he doesn't mind having his picture taken.

I really like this one. It is not something I would normally think to scrapbook, but inspired by the above mentioned series, I was really searching for something that would tell a little about where Max is right now. What are some things that he is into? The answer, South Park. But, I also like a little story to go with my layout, so I decided to journal about the decision to allow Max to watch South Park. Which basically boils down to this: He's a good kid and a smart kid, and as long as he can tell which behaviors and language are funny on TV, but not in real life, I'm good. And from what I've seen so far,  I trust him in this regard.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Note about These Two

On Thursday night, I was working hard February Take Twelve layout, but it just wasn't coming together. It was getting late, I was tired, fighting a cold, and a migraine, and my apartment was messy. But mostly, I was annoyed at my layout. That does not happen often. If a project doesn't come together quickly, I let it rest for a bit, walk away, try something new, and eventually I know something will click. Even when there's a deadline. Nothing was clicking. And, nothing was clicking. I eventually devolved into anger and frustration, and general poutiness.

I was home alone with Max and Sam, who quickly stepped up to the plate. Max offered to clean. And I was so grumpy, I didn't even want to accept his help. I just wanted to wallow in being upset. To which he replied, "Let me do it. I'm not completely useless. I just choose to be completely useless most of the time."

As I pouted some more, and tried to put some distance between me and my desk, I stepped outside our apartment and sat in the stairwell to get myself together. Sam came and joined me, and told me all the things I tell him when he is frustrated and overwhelmed. Like,  for example, "Just do the best you can. That's all you need to do." And, "it's okay if sometimes you can;t get your work done." When he was done, he said, "Hey, you know what I did today? I gave my first pep talk!"

It's nice to know that sometimes, I can stop being the grown up, and they'll take care of me in my moment of need. (I should probably rely on that very sparingly.) And I love that they know how to use humor to diffuse the situation, that is their crazy mother.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February Take Twelve Layout

And now without further ado:

I already wrote all about the experience of going on my first photo walk, and realizing how much I make blacks and grey a part of my "color world." So I won't belabor the point here.

 I will just add that a few days before the twelfth, I received Ali Edwards' weekly newsletter, entitled 52 Creative Lifts. In it she wrote about finding one's "photographic voice." It is not a term or idea I had ever thought of, and it helped me feel like a more active participant in my photos. I've been focusing a lot on improving my photography skills, so that I could eventually achieve the goal of using photography as a creative outlet. But her "lift," helped me realize that I do already have a voice and style of photos. It allowed me to be more purposeful in the picturess I took on the twelfth. And for that, I am grateful for this little hobby of mine; the people I learn from, and the projects that I can be involved in.

And now that I've rambled a little, I invite you to check out what the rest of the lovely ladies on the Take Twelve Team did with their photos:

And join The Take Twelve Flickr Group to post your project, and see what everyone else is sharing! I can't wait to see what you have all done! 

More Max

I've been scrapping lots of Max lately, completely inspired by a week long series written by Amy Sorenson on Write.Click.Scrapbook about scrapbooking your teen. It is something that I had found difficult to do...every layout seemed to be about how big Max is getting. Which it's true, it still amazes me on an almost daily basis, but even so, how often can one scrap that. Her posts, in addition to making me cry, helped me find the details and stories that can be scrapped, even if Max is no longer a soft-cheeked, adorable, little kid.

One layout I shared already, but I'll do it again for the love of three's.

It's about the fact that Max does not ask for much stuff, so we indulged his request for some pricey headphones for Chanukah.

Next is a little tidbit from Max and my recent trip to Israel. On the day we left, Dave drove us to the airport, and he helped unload the car, and came over to me to give me a kiss goodbye. I said, "but what about my suitcase?" The look on his face told me there was no other suitcase in the car. After some quick calculations, we decided we had enough time for Dave to return home and retrieve the suitcase. Probably. We decided to risk it. Well, I made him risk it. I was more than a little tense as we awaited his return, because you never know how long it will take at check-in and security. I've had it take ten minutes, and I've had it take hours. Max on the other hand, who usually carries the burden of being the family pessimist (because then you won't be disappointed) was not worried at all. He talked me down from a few moments of panic. It was kind of cute the way he took on that role, and on some level, I think he probably stayed calm because he knew that's what was needed at the time. 

And finally, a little layout about the fact that Max and I often read the same books. It started when Max was in 5th grade, and it's kind of become our "thing."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Duct Tape

It's been a while since I blogged or scrapped any of Sam's duct tape creations, (even when he surprised me with a lovely metro card holder for my birthday). It's been a source of inspiration and activity for several years now, like when he made this, and this. But I need to add another to the duct tape hall of fame.

The other day, we had some ceiling fans replaced. Sam's first response was, "What are we doing with the old fans?" Which I know means, "Can I take the old fans apart, and use the pieces for something?" Well, our lovely handyman took one fan, but the other was just sent to the trash. So, Sam took the blades, and made, what have now been dubbed "fan feet."

The finished product has Velcro straps, that can be taken on and off.

Keep your eyes open at Fashion Week. These could be all the rage.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Twelve Part 2

Whenever I create anything, a layout, card, or even a lesson plan for work, I have the basic idea in my head, but it isn't till I actually start working that all the details come together clearly. And there's always lots of tweaking along the way.  The same was true for this month's Take Twelve challenge. I knew I wanted to focus on "color" for my photos, and to really pay attention to the photography. But, I also wanted the theme of "Love" to play a part as well. (It's February after all. And  while I don't celebrate Valentine's day, I am not above being taken in by all the marketing and celebrating around me.) Furthermore, I couldn't quite let go of that part of Take Twelve that is about capturing an ordinary day. I wasn't sure how it would all come together in the end, but I just started the day snapping away, and figured I would see where it took me. 

When I realized that my two themes were not quite crossing, I thought, "can I take two sets of 12?" It turns out the answer was yes. That's what I did. This second set of photos is all about capturing our day, and some things that I just "love."

So here's how the day went.
1. Just the beginning of the day, which gets to start much later on Sunday. And though Dave just woke up, we already started making each other laugh.
2. A snapshot of morning prayers.
3. Morning coffee. One for me, one for Dave, and one for my mother in law. Every Sunday morning we all have coffee together. 
4. That mush is some leftover rice pudding that we ate with our coffee. Dave left me the last bite. As always.
5. Another coffee shot. I really love coffee.
6. Fan Feet-a duct tape creation by Sam made from the blades of our old ceiling fan. They actually have straps, and he can wear them.
7. A closeup of some beloved scrapbook supplies.
8. Saturday night Max saw Star Wars Episode 1 with some friends. Sunday morning Dave and Sam went to see it. Sunday afternoon, Dave and Max discussed the merits and demerits of the movie. Max liked, Dave not so much.
9 and 10: Sam plays with some toys given out at the movie.
11. Just a lazy, cozy Sunday.
12. As I was straightening up, I found this action figure of the Emperor standing in a cabinet. The remains of the day's play. Which obviously was Star Wars related.

Just a little side note about Star Wars. All the Star Wars  movies played a big part of Max's early childhood years. He saw all the movies early on, watched  them countless time with his friends, and they re-enacted the scenes over and over, taking turns playing the different characters. He and his friends dueled with their light sabers for hours on end. And little baby Sam  used to follow them around with a light saber too, looking a lot like Yoda. One of those friends, Davidi, lived in our apartment building on the 7th floor. And sometimes on a Friday night, he'd show up at our door, showered and in PJ's, and ask to borrow an action figure or two. And Max would do the same. 

And  that is why Star Wars had to make it into Take Twelve, part 2. I'm not sure if I'll make two layouts or not. I'm sure as I get started it will all come together.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Take Twelve Photos

I loved my first Take Twelve project in January. It was a great snapshot of an ordinary day in our life, and I love that. When I was done, though, I decided that for February I would also like to focus on the quality of my photos. I wanted to stretch my photography skills some more. After all, "camera" is my One Little Word. So I looked to the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit for February, and the theme suggested was color. One example given is of colorful clothing hanging in a closet. I laughed when I saw that, because most things in my closet are black and gray, with a touch of olive green, beige, and purple thrown in. I just like the lines of clothes more than I do colors and patterns. And that can be said for how I view the rest of the world too. I love color; I am actually very particular about my color choices. I just happen to love black, gray, brown, and olive green. I find them delicious.  I love lines, shapes, and textures. Throw in a bright splash of color on a rich grey or black, and I am in heaven. So I decided to reflect that in my  photos. It helped that it was Sunday and I could take some extra time to walk around.  I have to say, I am quite pleased with the results.

I've actually never gone on a walk, specifically to take photos before. I knew that I wanted to find some colorful flowers (for my dash of color), and I had noticed that peeling, grey door on the way to work the other day. The two buildings were a nice surprise. That green fire escape, on an all brick building, filled with nothing but rectangular it. And that black and white building is to die for. Some of it is cut off in the collage. The rest of it looks like this:

Look at that door! And if you look very closely, you can actually see that the name on the sign is "Ella." Coincidence?

Share your photos here, at the Ella Publishing blog, for a chance to win a prize from Stampin' Up! And join in Ella Publishing Co'a Take Twelve Project Flickr group.

I can't wait to see everyone pictures! What was your approach this month?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's February 12th and a Cocoa Daisy Sketch

So, first and foremost on my mind today is that it's time for Take Twelve.

And here's a little secret. In January, I didn't take all my photos on the 12th. A few are actually from the 11th. I wanted a day to practice, and a few moments that I wanted to capture happened on the 11th, not the twelfth. The moral of the story is that, 12 on the 12th provides structure and motivation, but it's not set in stone. And if you miss a month, or two or three, that's fine too. No pressure.

This month, I think I might end up with two sets of 12. In the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit, there are two themes suggested. One is focusing on color, and the other is focusing on signs of love. I wanted to focus on color as a way to stretch my photography skills, but I couldn't let go of the chance  to document a Sunday in our lives. So, I'm working on both. It's still the middle of the day. Let's see if I manage both.

Remember to link your photos or layout here, for a chance to win a prize from Stampin' Up!

And now as promised a layout, too.

This was based on this sketch over at Cocoa Daisy:

It's about the fact that Max does not really ask for much, when it comes to "stuff," so when he asked for Beats for Chanukah, we indulged him. 

How's your 12th coming along.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crafting Jewish Style

There's a new sketch over at Crafting Jewish Style, and it looks something like this:

I haven't made a card in a long time, but this sketch inspired me to do so, (and we went to a Bat Mitzvah this weekend, and I needed a card). It felt good to make a card again. The pink and brown from Crafting Jewish Style's Passover line color combo was just right for the occasion.

Maybe I'll whip out a couple more cards with this sketch here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Day Late

If I were a slightly more clever bird, I would have thought of postinf this yesterday, on Groundhog Day. But, I'm not, and I am okay with my mediocrity.

You see, I have some photos of shadows that I am rather fond of.  Or, more correctly, of which I am rather fond. So, in honor of the groundhog seeing his shadow yesterday, I present the following photos:

I noticed the beautiful shadow of this tree, and in an effort to follow through with using my camera more, I stopped and took the time to photograph it. And then I photographed some more.

And this morning as we waited for the bus, Sam noticed how long his shadow was. And you can see the bright, orange circle of the sun, which contributed to this amazing spectacle. And of course, I just need to note that it was Sam's childhood joy and exuberance, that brought our attention to this shadow. Because, well, as grown-ups, we tend to rush past those sorts of things.

I also noticed that in both sets of photos, there is trash on the ground. 'Cuz it's New York City.