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Monday, February 13, 2012

Take Twelve Photos

I loved my first Take Twelve project in January. It was a great snapshot of an ordinary day in our life, and I love that. When I was done, though, I decided that for February I would also like to focus on the quality of my photos. I wanted to stretch my photography skills some more. After all, "camera" is my One Little Word. So I looked to the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit for February, and the theme suggested was color. One example given is of colorful clothing hanging in a closet. I laughed when I saw that, because most things in my closet are black and gray, with a touch of olive green, beige, and purple thrown in. I just like the lines of clothes more than I do colors and patterns. And that can be said for how I view the rest of the world too. I love color; I am actually very particular about my color choices. I just happen to love black, gray, brown, and olive green. I find them delicious.  I love lines, shapes, and textures. Throw in a bright splash of color on a rich grey or black, and I am in heaven. So I decided to reflect that in my  photos. It helped that it was Sunday and I could take some extra time to walk around.  I have to say, I am quite pleased with the results.

I've actually never gone on a walk, specifically to take photos before. I knew that I wanted to find some colorful flowers (for my dash of color), and I had noticed that peeling, grey door on the way to work the other day. The two buildings were a nice surprise. That green fire escape, on an all brick building, filled with nothing but rectangular it. And that black and white building is to die for. Some of it is cut off in the collage. The rest of it looks like this:

Look at that door! And if you look very closely, you can actually see that the name on the sign is "Ella." Coincidence?

Share your photos here, at the Ella Publishing blog, for a chance to win a prize from Stampin' Up! And join in Ella Publishing Co'a Take Twelve Project Flickr group.

I can't wait to see everyone pictures! What was your approach this month?


  1. Love your pictures, Aliza! They look beautiful all together!
    I posted my on the blog. Can't believe I am actually keeping up so far LOL

  2. Aliza,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like that you had a theme for your February 12/12. I may have to try that next time. However, when I was putting my pictures together I realized I had lots of RED! haha.


  3. wow Aliza, those photos are really very good. the colors and textures just pull me in. I love that door so much. very, very inspiring. enjoy your time off next week. :)

  4. Love the lines and textures in urban shots - glad you went for your first photography walk. I love doing them here in London - where there aren't such fire escapes but are some other cool lines. Looking forward to my next walk already - thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Walking around with my camera is my favorite and best. I might be tempted to take 3000 photos in your neck of the woods in one afternoon, I kid you not : )