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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Max

I've been scrapping lots of Max lately, completely inspired by a week long series written by Amy Sorenson on Write.Click.Scrapbook about scrapbooking your teen. It is something that I had found difficult to do...every layout seemed to be about how big Max is getting. Which it's true, it still amazes me on an almost daily basis, but even so, how often can one scrap that. Her posts, in addition to making me cry, helped me find the details and stories that can be scrapped, even if Max is no longer a soft-cheeked, adorable, little kid.

One layout I shared already, but I'll do it again for the love of three's.

It's about the fact that Max does not ask for much stuff, so we indulged his request for some pricey headphones for Chanukah.

Next is a little tidbit from Max and my recent trip to Israel. On the day we left, Dave drove us to the airport, and he helped unload the car, and came over to me to give me a kiss goodbye. I said, "but what about my suitcase?" The look on his face told me there was no other suitcase in the car. After some quick calculations, we decided we had enough time for Dave to return home and retrieve the suitcase. Probably. We decided to risk it. Well, I made him risk it. I was more than a little tense as we awaited his return, because you never know how long it will take at check-in and security. I've had it take ten minutes, and I've had it take hours. Max on the other hand, who usually carries the burden of being the family pessimist (because then you won't be disappointed) was not worried at all. He talked me down from a few moments of panic. It was kind of cute the way he took on that role, and on some level, I think he probably stayed calm because he knew that's what was needed at the time. 

And finally, a little layout about the fact that Max and I often read the same books. It started when Max was in 5th grade, and it's kind of become our "thing."


  1. Great layouts, Aliza! I also find it difficult to make more meaningful layouts than "Look, she is so cute!" I have few ideas that I wrote down, now I need to find time to scrapbook them.
    Glad your suitcase adventure ended well, I would we be totally freaking out. I am always very nervous from the second we get to the airport to the moment we exit the airport gates on the other end of the world.

  2. Love these stories and the great layouts you've created to honor them. Thanks for the reminder about Amy's teen series. Off to look now while it's still quiet around here!