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Friday, February 17, 2012

February Take Twelve Layout

And now without further ado:

I already wrote all about the experience of going on my first photo walk, and realizing how much I make blacks and grey a part of my "color world." So I won't belabor the point here.

 I will just add that a few days before the twelfth, I received Ali Edwards' weekly newsletter, entitled 52 Creative Lifts. In it she wrote about finding one's "photographic voice." It is not a term or idea I had ever thought of, and it helped me feel like a more active participant in my photos. I've been focusing a lot on improving my photography skills, so that I could eventually achieve the goal of using photography as a creative outlet. But her "lift," helped me realize that I do already have a voice and style of photos. It allowed me to be more purposeful in the picturess I took on the twelfth. And for that, I am grateful for this little hobby of mine; the people I learn from, and the projects that I can be involved in.

And now that I've rambled a little, I invite you to check out what the rest of the lovely ladies on the Take Twelve Team did with their photos:

And join The Take Twelve Flickr Group to post your project, and see what everyone else is sharing! I can't wait to see what you have all done! 


  1. Very cute, Aliza! Love the strips of paper!

  2. Love the photos you captured and your 2-page layout!

  3. I love the graphic look to your layout-it matches the photos perfectly!

  4. just lovely. your photos are just gorgeous!