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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Twelve Part 2

Whenever I create anything, a layout, card, or even a lesson plan for work, I have the basic idea in my head, but it isn't till I actually start working that all the details come together clearly. And there's always lots of tweaking along the way.  The same was true for this month's Take Twelve challenge. I knew I wanted to focus on "color" for my photos, and to really pay attention to the photography. But, I also wanted the theme of "Love" to play a part as well. (It's February after all. And  while I don't celebrate Valentine's day, I am not above being taken in by all the marketing and celebrating around me.) Furthermore, I couldn't quite let go of that part of Take Twelve that is about capturing an ordinary day. I wasn't sure how it would all come together in the end, but I just started the day snapping away, and figured I would see where it took me. 

When I realized that my two themes were not quite crossing, I thought, "can I take two sets of 12?" It turns out the answer was yes. That's what I did. This second set of photos is all about capturing our day, and some things that I just "love."

So here's how the day went.
1. Just the beginning of the day, which gets to start much later on Sunday. And though Dave just woke up, we already started making each other laugh.
2. A snapshot of morning prayers.
3. Morning coffee. One for me, one for Dave, and one for my mother in law. Every Sunday morning we all have coffee together. 
4. That mush is some leftover rice pudding that we ate with our coffee. Dave left me the last bite. As always.
5. Another coffee shot. I really love coffee.
6. Fan Feet-a duct tape creation by Sam made from the blades of our old ceiling fan. They actually have straps, and he can wear them.
7. A closeup of some beloved scrapbook supplies.
8. Saturday night Max saw Star Wars Episode 1 with some friends. Sunday morning Dave and Sam went to see it. Sunday afternoon, Dave and Max discussed the merits and demerits of the movie. Max liked, Dave not so much.
9 and 10: Sam plays with some toys given out at the movie.
11. Just a lazy, cozy Sunday.
12. As I was straightening up, I found this action figure of the Emperor standing in a cabinet. The remains of the day's play. Which obviously was Star Wars related.

Just a little side note about Star Wars. All the Star Wars  movies played a big part of Max's early childhood years. He saw all the movies early on, watched  them countless time with his friends, and they re-enacted the scenes over and over, taking turns playing the different characters. He and his friends dueled with their light sabers for hours on end. And little baby Sam  used to follow them around with a light saber too, looking a lot like Yoda. One of those friends, Davidi, lived in our apartment building on the 7th floor. And sometimes on a Friday night, he'd show up at our door, showered and in PJ's, and ask to borrow an action figure or two. And Max would do the same. 

And  that is why Star Wars had to make it into Take Twelve, part 2. I'm not sure if I'll make two layouts or not. I'm sure as I get started it will all come together.


  1. really great photo collage! thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  2. Fun pictures! Can't wait to see what you decide to put on a layout :)