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Friday, February 3, 2012

A Day Late

If I were a slightly more clever bird, I would have thought of postinf this yesterday, on Groundhog Day. But, I'm not, and I am okay with my mediocrity.

You see, I have some photos of shadows that I am rather fond of.  Or, more correctly, of which I am rather fond. So, in honor of the groundhog seeing his shadow yesterday, I present the following photos:

I noticed the beautiful shadow of this tree, and in an effort to follow through with using my camera more, I stopped and took the time to photograph it. And then I photographed some more.

And this morning as we waited for the bus, Sam noticed how long his shadow was. And you can see the bright, orange circle of the sun, which contributed to this amazing spectacle. And of course, I just need to note that it was Sam's childhood joy and exuberance, that brought our attention to this shadow. Because, well, as grown-ups, we tend to rush past those sorts of things.

I also noticed that in both sets of photos, there is trash on the ground. 'Cuz it's New York City.

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