My Scrapbook Resume

Monday, February 2, 2015

Write.Click.Scrapbook. February Gallery

Happy February, everyone. I am kind of excited to share this layout. It took me a while to figure out what to make for this month's theme, "Love is in the Air." I am not so good at romantic layouts. I like my layouts to be a little bit more specific than "I love you." And, all my recent pictures and stories are Bar Mitzvah related. I was at a loss for a while. So I searched through my phone and found this photo from early December, and then, as it often does, it all came together. For the photo, I used my most favoritest filter in my PicTapGo app, called Mama's Tap Shoes. With those colors, the photo worked deliciously with some items from my stash, from January's Clique Kit, and from the Clique Kits store. And, most importantly, the story emerged. It isn't big, or eventful, but it captures the little fact that I like coming home to people every day.