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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Documenting Summer with Clique Kits

Hi, everyone!

Have you seen Clique's Kits limited edition summer kit? If not, here is a glimpse. Pretty... pretty sweet, no?

I have used this kit to simplify my summer scrapping, by creating a mini album that can be filled in as summer memories get made. I had some 4x6 chipboard pages in my stash, and I painted those white. When all the pages are added, I will bind it all together with that lovely twine and that adorable tassel that come with the kit.

Here is the cover.

I then created "sections" for my summer stories. 

There is one for summer adventures, for when we go out and about. 

Of course, a lot of time is just being spent at home. Summer is a time where we watch more shows together as a family, and  we take care of things around our home. It's less exciting, but it is part of our summer.

Then there are the tastes of summer; the foods and drinks and special dinners, that usually only happen in the summer time. Those stories will go in  the "Summer Treats" section of the mini.

Stay tuned for more of this mini!

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