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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WCS Sketch, and A Star is Born Part 2

The following layout is based on this sketch at Write.Click.Scrapbook.

I have to say, that my favorite part of this sketch is that little triangle in the upper corner. I loved it so much, I added another one in a lower corner too.

I took this sketch pretty literally, which helped it get done licked y split.

And the story behind it all: I recently shared a layout about Max's first foray into the performing arts. That is, he had a part in his school play. There, I mostly just marked the date, and the fact that it happened. But, you know, I always feel like there has to be something deeper (though really there doesn't have to be) in my scrapbooking. So I paired another play photo with a shot of Max preparing for his first debate. Until this year, Max has not been the type of  kid with an ongoing interest, or extra curricular activity. Which is fine, but it's also comforting to see him choose something to do outside of school work; to see him work hard; and to see him succeed. Just so I know that he can. Because, really, once you can set a goal and work to reach it, you can pretty much do anything.

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