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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strength in Numbers

April 12: On the one hand it was a slow moving, lazy day. After three days of going places and doing things, we were indoors,  getting ready for the last part of Passover. There was lots of cooking and cleaning involved. My thoughts were that while it might not be that interesting visually,  it would be nice to capture this aspect of our lives--Passover, and some of its preparations. So, I snapped away. When I finally sat down to look at my pictures, I was a bit disappointed at first. Like I said, they are all indoors, not that visually interesting, and quite frankly, not that good, in my opinion.

But, when I put them all together in my collage, I remembered my intention behind each picture, and the story that the pictures tell all together, overpowers the quality of each particular photo. At least, to me. Just another little plus of the Take Twelve process.

So let's go from left to right here:

1. Each day begins with coffee always. But there's more here; Since it's Passover, our regular dishes are away, including my beloved coffee maker. (Keshet gives some nice explanations of the holiday here and here.) On Passover I use this filter and these mugs  that I got as a wedding gift, but never really liked, so they only get used eight days a year. When I think back to the Passover dishes from my childhood, I have such strong images of the mismatched set that was taken out when the holiday began, and  so many memories come flooding back of what the holiday looked like when I was a kid. So I thought about all that in this picture, and tried to include some of those details from our life right now.
2. Like I said, a slow moving day, with lots of sitting on the couch ,
3. and cooking,
4. and playing (duct tape and light sabers. Two of Sam's passions together in one.)
5. and more sitting around.
6. I'm just trying to remember to include myself.
7. A shopping list, and more light sabers,
8. and some more light sabers.
9. Dave and Max decided what DVD to get next from Netflix. Sam joined them in the decision making process, too. And what's that Max is holding? Oh, it's a light saber.
10 and 11. Max and Sam helped with some of the baking.
12. They got really into it. If you look very closely, you'll see Sam covered in chocolate, and Max holding a...wait for it... light saber.

The other story that emerged here is about Star Wars. I think I will devote a whole post to that at some point. I'll just summarize briefly here. Star Wars was a big part of Max's early years-so much of his earliest imaginative and cooperative play involved Star Wars. Then it went away for a long time. With the re-release of The Phantom Menace, it has returned. The abandoned light sabers have come out of the closet ( Just literally, not figuratively. Not that there's anything wrong with it.). Some of Max's excitement has returned, but being in the early teen years, I think he's not quite sure if he wants to be totally into it, or maybe be too cool for it. Sam is clearly happy to embrace Star Wars and all it's marketing glory.

So there it is, Take Twelve April. Remember to link your photos here, for a chance to win Muvazi Renewal Skin Care Set.


  1. Great pictures that tell a story! Love how you have a light saber almost in every shot. My oldest never was "addicted" to anything, my middle daughter went through phases with The Last Avatar and pokemons. My little guy is too young for Star Wars but he loooves his trains :)

  2. I really show a deep knowledge if my kid's interests - I meant to say Avatar, the last airbender LOL

  3. After all the work to get ready for passover it must be nice to just chill and be together cooking, sitting, playing.
    ah duct tape and light sabers, I remember that well. :)
    thank you for your nice comment.