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Monday, April 30, 2012

Even More Tales from Passover

After our delightful zoo trip, we went rented a car for a few hours (LOVE Zipcar), and drove out to Staten Island for a trip to Fort Wadsworth and High Rock Park. A day with some military history and nature ensures that all Deutsches are happy. And this time, I brought my camera and memory card, which is a great combination. My white balance was on the wrong setting, but now I know how to use the WB setting on my camera, so we'll chalk that up to a learning experience.

 From that day, I have two layouts, though I still have more brewing in my head. It was tempting to write about where we went and what a great time we all had, but instead I focused on little details from that day.

When we told Max and Sam where we were going for the day, Sam's response was, "Will there be a place for me to climb?" Because that kid really likes to climb. See?

It even says so in the title:

I've been wanting to make a layout with an (almost) full page photo for a while. When I saw this picture, I knew it was time to try. It also means that it was time to try Persnickety Prints, so that I could get a 12x12 size. Loved it. I got my pictures within a couple of days. And I  love all the sizes available for prints.

In this trio of shots, I captured Sam kicking Max. Luckily it wasn't one of those mean, nasty, angry fights. Just a "siblings are always egging each other on and bickering, but it's still all in good fun, even though it's kind of annoying" moments.

The journaling says: There Sam was all set to indulge me with some poses. Naturally that was Max's cue to interfere. So naturally, Sam kicked him. Precious moments.

I know we scrapbookers are prone to capture all the sweet moments, but I like to get some of the other stuff too. How about you?


  1. Love your layouts!! they are great!! I really love the second one.. the photos are great!!

  2. Love the layout! I also like a good event page every now and again:) It's why I like PL also!