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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Take Twelve Today

Yep, it's the 12th again. I've been snapping away today. This week we've been out and about (pictures, layouts, and stories to follow), but today we are all home. Tonight begins the last two days of Passover. It will be two days where "work" will be prohibited. ( Work as defined by Jewish law, not the amount of effort put in. So, we don't travel by car or train, no TV, computer, or any electronics, no shopping, or writing or cutting, and various other tasks). Which means today is a busy, holiday preparation day; Cooking, cleaning, and, of course, taking pictures. I even got some scrapping done today. This also means my Take Twelve photos will stop at sundown, and I won't be able to post them till Saturday night. You can, however. So, remember to link up your photos or layout at the end of this post for a chance to win a Muvazi Skin Care Renewal Set.

And as long as you're here, here's a recap of Passover 2012 at Chez Deutsch. Or, perhaps more appropriately, at Deutschhaus (I have no idea if that should be one word or not.)

First, the Seder. Once Passover begins, I can't take anymore photos, so no pictures of the actual Seder or the aftermath (layout on this is in progress.)

After the first two days, there is what is known as "Chol Hamoed Pesach," or the intermediary days. All the prohibited stuff mentioned above, is allowed again. So we went to the zoo: (Two layouts about that done, but not photographed.)

We got a car for a few hours, and went to Staten Island to visit Forth Wadsworth, 

and High Rock Park. Nature!!!

Max and Sam also worked on making a stop motion animation video, a la Ali Edwards. I think they were pleasantly surprised at the satisfaction of working on a project that wasn't easy, but still worked out in the end. I'll post that at a later time too.

With that, it's back to the cooking and cleaning, and I'll be back online in a couple of days.

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