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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Little Treat

IT's been busy. First I had parent-teacher conferences at work, which take lots of time and preparation. And then Passover is this week. So not a lot of time for scrapping. But, when all my parent teacher conference preparations were done, and before I began my Passover preparations, I gave myself a little reward. One night to work on a layout. I had to keep it light and quick, so that I wouldn't dwell too long on it.

I've written before about the fact that having a mother who likes to take lots of pictures of you or other random bits of your day, is not always fun. So I'm told. In response to this critique, I wrote a little letter to my children:

Dear Max and Sam,
I know you think I'm crazy for taking millions of pictures of "random" and "pointless" things (your words). But if you only knew of the things I see that I don't photograph, you'd be amazed at my self control.

And also, It's only because I see so much beauty in the world.Perhaps one day you will see that as a good thing about your crazy, old mother.


  1. Great layout. I've been reading about Passover today, and am really fascinated, especially with all the cleaning ;)

  2. That's a lovely letter to your children! Love the layout!

  3. what a wonderful keepsake. fabulous.

  4. wonderful Aliza. Happy belated Passover. I hope you are enjoying your spring break with your boys and husband. you deserve it!