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Friday, July 29, 2011

What's That? Another Ella Sketch?

Why yes, it is.  See?

Once I saw these pictures, I knew they'd be perfect for this sketch. I followed the sketch pretty closely, and that helped it come together really fast. And, I love that this day is already scrapped. Especially since the next few weeks are going to be filled to the brim with Bar Mitzvah preparations. ( I think I'll keep a tally of the number of breakdowns I have in these coming weeks. I would say right now I am at 2: One about my invitations, and one about the caterer, or lack thereof.)

Just a bit more story to accompany this layout:
I had  decided since we were in Israel, and the kids had finished camp, that it would be great for Max to put his tefillin on for the first time at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Nobody else seemed that excited, and we were late (we had arranged to meet some friends there), and it was hot, and I was feeling pretty crabby when the day started.  Even as it was happening, I was so involved in taking pictures, and still worried that everyone was hot and uncomfortable. But after davening (praying), we walked to a fun restaurant called Waffle Bar, where we ate waffles and pancakes covered in all sorts of decadent toppings. Once we were hydrated, fed, and properly air conditioned, I had  a chance to look over these pictures, and they just made me happy. It's just hard to believe that little Max is now in a different category; guy who wears tefillin while davening in the morning, along with all the other teenagers and men in shul. Which I guess means he is just about to be a teenager. Weird. But cool.


  1. I'm glad that the sketch helped you put the layout together so quickly. You have a wonderful eye for color and I really like this layout. :)

  2. Waffle Bar, eh? What a wonderful idea! Whoever came up with that idea?!?

    (So sorry I missed it)