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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thing One

Here's a little update about Max's time in Israel, thus far. Talking about Max in Israel means talking about Max and Yoav, and the lack of Max in Israel. Meaning, Max thus far, has spent most of his days with his cousin Yoav, and several times they said, "Bye, we're going to the park. See you later!"

He did let me take some just showered, pre-shabbat photos:

I even got a smile out of him, because I am just that funny.

We spent our first Friday in Jerusalem walking through the Shuk. The first time we came to Israel with the kids was in 2005, when Max was just a young lad of 6. When he first spotted an entire stall filled with kosher candy, he said, "This is like Gan Eden!"

This time the prospect of candy was less exciting. Because he's 12, and too cool for that sort of thing. But he'll still eat it. 

And Max has spent lots of time with his other cousins too, and it always looks funny because he's just much larger than all of them.

Stay tuned for Tales of Thing Two.

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