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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lemonade Stand

A big part of the thrill of spending the summer in Israel is being with my parents, and my sister and her family for seven whole weeks (thought now it is just 4 and a half weeks). Yesterday, Max and Sam went with their cousins to the store to buy lemons to make and sell lemonade.

They cut and squeezed:

Joey and Meital, being the smallest, cutest, and hardest to resist, were put in charge of asking passers by if they wanted lemonade:

And Max supervised from his throne:

At some point, Sam came running inside for a spoon. "Everyone said the lemonade was good, but I just tasted it! It's so sour! we need to mix it better."

Their first sale was to a taxi driver, who said it was so good that he gave them an extra shekel.

good time, good times.

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