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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello from Israel!

My plan when I got here was to scrap A LOT, and blog a lot (but not capitalized), get things ready for Max's Bar Mitzvah, and eventually see the sights, take lots of pictures, which brings us back to blogging and scrapping. But setting up technological shop in another country, in another person's home has made it trickier. Add to that, the fact that the internet hds been unreliable in my parents' home since we got here. Now, my sister always has her internet, but no printer...So, everything is taking longer than I had hoped, but progress is being made. now that things are working, I want to share EVERYTHING. But, I', going to focus on a little at a time.

On the crafting front, I got started right away getting ready for Chanukah in July at Crafting Jewish Style. First, there is a giveway for their amazing Chanukah scrapbooking kit. With which I made this:

Using this sketch from Anam Stubbington:
I've been working a lot on pinning down some details for Max's Bar Mitzvah, which will be held here :

And on the big day I think it will be nice to have some pictures taken here:

I love the look of the old, broken stones, and the arches. The old city of Jerusalem has so many. I just adore them.

I'd love to add more photos, but it's taking forever to upload. I'm going to call it a blog-day here, and hopefully I can consider myself back on the blog-bandwagon. 

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  1. Aliza - just a quick hello from the US and wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful trip!