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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simply Scrapping Sketchy Saturday Challenge

This sketch challenge is posted on Simply Scrapping Crafts, which is a great community of crafters, with card and sketch challenges, amongst other things. It's a wonderful place to "meet" other crafters, and gain inspiration.

Here's the sketch:

And here's my take:

I do not usually work with bright pink, but the black and white photos made it possible for me. I finally got to use one of these nifty keys. They are pretty cool. Sam loves 'em too. Little metal tchotchkes are right up his alley. The problem is, they are right up mine too. So, we have to share sometimes.

Back to celebrating Purim. So much to scrap when this holiday is done. Max delivered Michloach Manot with his friends, Max and Sam each made their own Mishloach Manot for their friends, Sam won a costume contest at school, and I didn't know that Dave delivers Mishloach Manot to store keepers in our neighborhood. And even has a l'chaim with them. This year I went with him on his outing.The question will be, do I make separate layouts for each person, or one big "Purim Stories, 2011?" We'll see...

Before I get to scrap Purim though, I have one more big scrapbooking project that has to be done this week. I'll share more about that once it's all public...


  1. love this, Aliza! And I want to see some Purim pics!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Those Purim pictures are coming. I promise!