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Monday, March 28, 2011

Purim, Part 2

Welcome to the exciting conclusion of Purim 2011.

1. A joke from Sam. More like a practical joke. The day of Sam's school Purim Carnival, he was SO excited. He was up before 6am excited. Luckily he is old enough that I can say, "Sam, if your wide awake, please go read or play in the living room." He was in his costume by 6:30. Some time in the next half hour he comes to me, and says, "Oh no! We messed up the costume!" I was about to calmly explain that it's simply too late to do anything about it, when he showed me this picture:

And he said, "we forgot the beard." Touche, young Jedi, touche.

2. Mishloach Manot (really I posted the tags already, but here they are on the day itself:

3. And finally, the shocking secret: Every year, after our major Mishloach Manot deliveries, I go home with the kids. By then we are tired, often cold, and there is a huge mess to be cleaned, and a pile of candy to be eaten. At that point, Dave goes out for a few more deliveries, which I always thought was just to some guys from Shul. This year I joined him, while Max and Sam went home to devour candy without us. Turns out, Dave also delivers some Mishloach Manot to some of the local shopkeepers as well: The shoemaker, the pickle guy, and the picture store guy. Not only does he bring them a little package, but he shares a drink with them as well. (That part might not be totally altruistic). I knew Dave was nice, I knew he likes our neighborhood shops, and I definitely knew he likes to drink (it's a Mitzvah), but I did not quite know about all the holiday cheer he was spreading.

I guess I'll keep him after all.

And, one more time, just because he's cute:

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