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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Cards

These are just designed, but I just absolutley love them. I am not sure why, but insects and arachnids not in my apartment, are beautiful. As soon as they cross the threshold, however, it's all, "DAVE!"

Unless, it's just me and the kids, and then it's up to me to be calm and cool and "we share the earth with them. Don't hate them." Because, what if one of them would be a great entomologist or field biologist? Would Darwin have become Darwin if his mom said, "ew, don't touch those feral finches. You don't know where they've been!?" Would the dreamy Nick Baker be the successful naturalist/infotainer that he is today, if his mom was grossed out by bugs and other creepy crawlies? I think about these things. Really, I do.

And I really do love animals. I always have. And, I love to incorporate them into my artwork.

Anyway, here are the cards. I scanned them, because I am not fully satisfied with my photographs of my cards, lately.

Now off to scrapbook more, so that I can share more completed projects with you.

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