My Scrapbook Resume

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alright, I am jumping right into the blogosphere. I am not a little bit scared and uncomfortable about this new venture. I've done well for myself in my life by keeping pretty quiet, but I am loving my craft, and if this is what I need to do to continue, than so be it. And, who knows, perhaps it will turn out that I'm a ham at heart. A totally Glatt Kosher Lamehadrin (Ok, maybe not mehadrin) ham. I will beg the world to listen to me, me, me!
But for now, I will gingerly be posting about my card making and scrapbooking projects. Perhaps musing about my artistic journey along the way. Oh, and it has been a journey for me. But I am not quite sure I am ready to talk that much about myself. Yet.
For now, just look at the pictures.

Some Things Old:

Some Things New:

Something Chanukah:

Something Blue:

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