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Monday, December 21, 2009

I think I am finally ready...

to tell people I know that I have a blog. I NEVER liked the idea of people reading what I write, but I do like the idea of people seeing what I make. And I like talking about what I make. So, time to indulge.
Yesterday, I experienced my first outdoor, non Jewish related institution, craft fair. Figures that it would be on a day when NYC just had a large snowstorm. But I pushed my wagon through the snow, carried it up and down subway stairs, and I am glad that I did.
People love my pretty matchboxes. And the orthodox community loves them when they are specifically for shabbat.

Last week, I also made this for a customer (who is having a baby today!) It was a bit more sparkly and whimsical than I am used to, but I like the challenge of incorporating someone else's tastes and requests, and still creating something that I think is beautiful.

I also had a request to see my Christmas cards.

So, my next projects: A custom set of thank you notes and a custom scrapbook. Both of those will be gifts, so I cannot post them till they have been given.

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