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Friday, January 1, 2010

Chanukah and Thanksgiving

Yes, I know it's New Year's, and that Chanukah and Thanksgiving are long gone, but I made these yesterday. I am pleased to have completed 2 layouts in one day. I am pleased that they both have a bunch of photos on one page. And I really like how clean they look. And that at least in one of them, my family is fully clothed.

Happy 2010.

The journaling here says, "One of the sweetest things was that a week before Chanukah, Sam found the page with the Brachot in his Siddur. He ran to get a piece of paper, wrote it down, and taped it to the window.
The day Chanukah began, he prepared his menorah hours beforehand.
Otherwise, Chanukah was a flurry of presents, latkes, chagiga, sufganiyot, and candle lighting."

The best part is that the little sign that Sam made? I got to throw it out, but it is still preserved. Memories without the clutter.

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