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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Praise of Cardboard Boxes

This post is inspired by the pile of boxes in my living room that can't be thrown away yet, because Sam is in the middle of playing with them. More importantly, he said, "My dream come true. A bunch of boxes." I love children's pretend play, especially when it's with the stuff we usually throw away (note the photos of when Sam duct taped seltzer bottles to his body). But so help me if those packing peanuts end up all over the floor.

All day Saturday, Max said to Sam, "I'm giving you an x box for your birthday." Apparently he was planning this for after Shabbos:

Anyhow, the pile of boxes got me thinking about an old scrapbook page I made the first time my kids played with boxes. It's not beautiful. I just needed to write it down.

For further reading on the subject:

This book, aside from being a great read, is visually pleasing, and the cover and paper offer a wonderful tactile experience. No, seriously. I love the feel of this book in my hand. The cover and the pages. And much of the book is in Kraft color, which is as beautiful to me as burlap.

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