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Friday, September 12, 2014


Summer 2014 is the year we finally got a car, and therefore, it is the year that we finally spent a decent amount of time outside. That mostly took the form of going to the beach and going on some hikes.

These outdoorsy activities are important to me, because they make me feel so, so good; the air; the space; the physical activity. I feel it in my bones.

Nature can be pretty easy on the eyes, too.

Being a boring, old, mother-there are some things I'd like my children to learn as well about spending time outdoors.

1. You don't ALWAYS need a TV or a movie to have fun. (Although, it's nice to come home exhausted from a day outside to an evening of vegging out.)

2. There does not always need to be human created stimulation in front of you that  in order to have fun. 

3. Fun should not always cost money. Except maybe for parking. And post-hike ice cream.

It takes a little practice to learn those lessons. And, my children did not always agree with me about how much fun we were having. But at the end of each outing (if not in the middle), they had to admit that we had some good times. 

Being a boring, old, scrapbooking mother--of course I immortalized some of these lessons with some pretty paper and things.

Is it summer yet?

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