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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comic Con 2014

Every year, on the Sunday of Comic Con, the 3 male Deutsches leave the house early in the morning, and they return sometime in the mid to late afternoon. And, I enjoy several hours of sweet, sweet solitude.

Beginning last year, the months before Comic Con, have been spent deciding, planning, buying, and making things for Comic Con costumes.

Before all that could begin, however, Dave went to buy some tickets. It proved to be way more difficult than in years past.

Yes, it took nine hours of standing in line for tickets. (I am so glad that it wasn't me.) Ever since that day the preparations have been underway. 

Aside from the several hours home alone, the other thing I like about Comic Con, is that for a brief while, my whole family gets crafty.


This past Sunday, we took a family walk to Michael's to collect some supplies.

Max and I shared a good laugh while watching a YouTube video on how to make a sheath for a sword. The fully grown man suggested that one might want to paint parts of the sheath. In the video demonstration, the sheath details were painted silver. However, he suggested painting a green trim, you know, like if you had an elven sword. 

Yeah. Totally.

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  1. Oh, that is great. My husband goes to GenCon every year. I too am a gaming widow. And I too get my craft on! LOL