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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sewing Progress, Creative Process, and A Giveaway!!

I spent the day yesterday getting to know my sewing machine; I'm a read the manual from cover to cover kind of gal, especially since I don't really know much of anything about sewing.   I practiced my sewing on lots of bits of scraps, and then I created a layout that I wouldn't be too scared to sew on. I ended up really liking the layout, so when it came time to add some stitching I still harbored some doubts. But I tried to keep this perspective: Even if  I bungle the job, a) it will still tell the story I wanted to tell, and b) it will still be valuable as a step in the creative process, because it will be one more sewing experience I didn't have before, and will therefore be bring me one step closer to knowing what I am doing. Hopefully.

So without further ado:

There's some sewing on the ribbon, and a bit on the tab in the upper corner. You can barely see it, but the purpose here was practice, so it's all good in my book.

And now check out this segue to the giveaway:
Speaking of creative process and improving creative skills, Ella Publishing has an amazing offer to buy  three photography eBooks, featuring more than 227 must-try hints and helps for improving your photography, for $5 off. And I get to give away one bundle to a lucky reader.

Here's a little taste of what you get:

40 Top Tips for Better Photos: Simple suggestions for stunning photographs by Rebecca Cooper

Picture Perfect: 129 expert tips for shooting stellar photographs by Becky Novacek, Elisha Snow, and Kelly Noell

That's a lot, right? 
Leave a comment by June 12th (yep, on Take Twelve day), and I will announce the winner on June 13th.

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  1. Good for you for practicing with your sewing machine and being brave enough to go forth and add stitching to you layout--with great results!! I was in the situation last night, wanting to stitch, but alas, was not brave enough. I will have to play with a bunch of scraps and get more comfortable.