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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inside the Summer Album

As I mentioned before, I am attempting a summer mini album, despite my lack of expertise at mini albums. Here's how it's coming together.

First, in the "to-do list chapter" I forgot to share this one:

And now I'm just working on filling it in with our goings on. Again, the plan was to keep it simple. So it's mostly just full page photos, photo collages, and a smattering of words here and there. 

First came Max's 8th grade graduation:

And then father's day:

I have another few pages to add for June, which I hope to do soon.

Here's what I'm using.

A Muji A5 Binder. I chose it because it's inexpensive, super adorable, and you can get (also inexpensive) page protectors, and those kraft dividers, which I just adore.They also make a small business card binder with card holders, and I've used some of those for small (2x3) photos, words, or embellishments. I love the size and feel of this album, however-it is rather thin, and I suspect I will soon need to come up with another album, or a way to adapt this one to hold more pages. The other thing I don't love, is that when I add a page that was not made for this binder, I have many, many, many holes to punch (and  then a few more). Not a big deal, but I get lazy easily. But, I shall stick with it for now, and see where it takes me. Did I mention how cute it is?

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