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Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Ready to Take 12!!!!

It is time to Take Twelve again. I am going by the book this time. The book in question would be The Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit, which suggests going for a neighborhood photo walk. New York City is definitely the perfect place for that. There is also a great monthly photo checklist, with so many ideas that inspire (hence the term-Inspiration Kit).

Tomorrow is also Max's last day of school before he graduates from 8th grade.  Which is weird 'cuz I'm pretty sure he just started Kindergarten like a year or two ago. 
I will also be meeting Dave for lunch, which is quite a treat. 

So, there will be lots to photograph.

Speaking of photographs, the giveaway for Ella Publishing's Photo Ideas Bundle is still open. Leave a comment here, and I will draw a winner on Wednesday.

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