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Friday, June 22, 2012

Not My Usual MO

Every time I visit a blog or gallery with pictures of a mini album, I leave a comment like, "I have such a hard time with minis, but I want to make more of them. Thanks for the inspiration." But, still, no mini. I love the minis with all the mismatched papers of different sizes, the whimsical look of it all, and I just love small books.  But still, no mini.

Until now. Now, since this is not really within my comfort zone, I'm getting stuck in that place of comparing myself to others. But...deep's part of the process. So, even if I don't love this album in the end, perhaps the next one will be a little better, because of what I learned along the way.

It's a summer album, so it's a work in progress, as summer has just begun. I will probably make lots of regular layouts of this summer's stories, but I wanted a place to just put pictures I love, and that just give a survey of the summer. And, with some inspiration from Ali Edward's Summer Manifesto, the first section of the album is basically a bunch of to-do lists, from chores around the house, to creative projects, to places I want to go, and to making sure I take time to just be. I even asked Sam if he had a list for the summer (he does), so that went in there too.

Since it's a binder, I can add more pages as needed. (Though I'm afraid this binder is a bit small. There might have to be a few volumes.) 

I''ll share the next section of the album (entitled "June"), another day. For now, though, have a great weekend!


  1. That looks really awesome, Aliza! What not to like here??

    What binder this you use?

  2. Very cool! Looks like you off to a very good start on your first mini album! I've not made one before either, and I don't "do" project life, so I was thinking of making one for the summer, too! You may be giving me the push I need! :)