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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In December I painted my apartment. A lot. It was exhausting. But, I love the new color. 

And since December, I've been pondering, thinking, making, and collecting things to put on my new, neutral colored walls. Part of my motivation to paint was that I wanted to change the artwork on the walls. I was drawn to colorful items like this:

And wonderful, eclectic arrangements like this:

Inspired by those, I made these:

And hung it all up to look like this:

And this:

Some fun facts:

-I have had those bird and the giraffe prints for 2 years, but never bought frames for them, or knew where to hang them- till now. I bought them from an amazing artist, Kristiana Parn, while vending at a craft fair. I adore them.

-The wire shelf is a drawer organizer, I think, that I found in Marshall's. 

-Those houses are fom Crate and Barrel, and are sold as Christmas stocking hooks. I found them so beautiful, I asked Dave to get them for me for my birthday. He actually got me something else in the end, but  I loved them so much that I asked him to get them for me anyway. It was helpful that my birthday is December 27th, and thus, these were heavily discounted.

-I bought that ring of keys in Israel. I had admired them in a little shop all summer long, and decided before returning home that I was going to splurge on them whatever they cost. If I was still thinking about them after 7 weeks, I must really love them, and it would be worth it. So I reasoned to myself. When I asked the shopkeeper how much they were, he said, "30 shekels." That, my friends, comes to about $8.00. I asked again, sure that I had misunderstood his Hebrew. Then I asked, "Yes but what's the price for the whole set of keys?" Again, he answered, "30 Shekels." It took a few more minutes till I finally believed him, and then I happily handed over my money.

-I spent hours measuring, and re-measuring, and marking and drilling, and hanging and checking that all was level. By the time I got to the pink frame with butterflies, I did not care that it is totally crooked. Still don't.

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  1. Looking great, Aliza! Drawer organizer as a shelf?? So clever! Love it!