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Monday, March 5, 2012

Break the Silence

I've been in a blogging rut (a "blut," if you will), probably because I've been in a bit of a scrapbooking rut (or, a "scrut.") And, just like when I need to get my scrappy juices (scruices?) going, I just have to sit down and make something, I am just going to sit and write.

I do have one layout to share. After much scrapping about Max, I wanted to focus on Sam. Easy, peasy, I thought. He's always doing cute and funny stuff, and he loves posing for pictures. Except suddenly I couldn't think of any stories I wanted to tell about him. I know I should just be able to make pages that just say things like, "so cute."  But, right now my scrapping has really focused on stories, and that's what I was missing. But, how could this be when there are so many things I just love about Sam? And so many pictures that I just love?
So, instead of a story, I just focused on the feeling, and scrapped about that. As it says the page, "No fancy story or title, I Just Love You."

And then I just wrote a stream of conscience, things I love about Sam like the way he chooses his clothes, how he plays, or how he insisted we buy no kill mouse traps for some uninvited guests who have come to live with us. And how could you not love a guy, who at any given moment could come into the kitchen looking like this:

In the half hour since I took the above picture, he has changed into a Joker costume, and has duct taped a bunch of rulers together to make a machine gun. 

And what about that giant contraption he is standing next to? That's our new popcorn maker that Max won this weekend. It's monstrously large, it makes me a little crazy, and I need to find a place to put it soon. However, there is something strangely nice about having a cabinet of popcorn on your counter:


  1. I think your Sam reminds me my Ella - completely unpredictable but really awesome :)
    Popcorn machine?? My kids would love it!

  2. just discovered your blog. fun !