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Monday, March 12, 2012

March Take Twelve Photos

Now March 12th is almost done, and I've completed my Take Twelve challenge for another month. As always,  before I began, I looked to Ella's Guided Inspiration Kit for, well, inspiration. I used some ideas as a starting point, and then discovered other little moments I wanted to document along the way. Before I ramble about my photos, here's a friendly neighborhood reminder to post your pictures in Ella's 2012 Take Twelve Challenge Flickr group, and post a link to your photos here by Sunday, for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Persnickety Prints!

So lets' give it a go, shall we?

As I've mentioned before, we always go out together to see the kids off to school. All four of us. 1) Sometimes we laugh. 2) When a Netflix video DVD needs returning, this is the time. Sam runs down the block and back to put it in the mail box. 

One of the ideas from the inspiration kit was about capturing your "primary mode of transportation." This one spoke to me, because one of the things I love about living in the city is having a rich, connected, always there for you, public transportation system. Also, on an average Monday, the four of us go off on four different vehicles. 3) Max, by city bus (then train), 4) Sam on the school bus, 5) I head to the subway 6) with my handy Metrocard, and 7)Dave rides his bike.

8) I couldn't help but capture some signs of spring.  (I could have filled this page with two dozen pictures of buds and bulbs and things just beginning to bloom.)

The final four are little tidbits of our life: 9) Last week we celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim, and the Hamantashen (the cookies) in the background tells that little story. Another story in this little photo: While I felt super healthy, and like a wonderful mom for making brussel sprouts for dinner, I also ate about half a dozen hamantashen when I came home from work. Oops. 10) Another little sign of Purim just past- a Purim layout in progress. 11) Sam is in the middle of reading Wonderstruck, by Brian Selznick. Sam reading is always good (not his favorite pas time), and that book is just so pretty. And finally, 12) my newest addition; my little baby; my first DSLR. Of course I had to take her picture with my old camera.

Can't wait to see your 12!


  1. Love these pictures! Love your grid of photos for Take 12! :)

  2. lovely photos, like how you captured interesting perspectives!