My Scrapbook Resume

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Other One

Sam's Bar Mitzvah is fast approaching, which means he is getting a lot of press in my scrapbook, blog, and Instagram world. I find that that happens a lot. There will be periods where every layout seems to be about one of my children, and not the other. I used to worry about this, but have come to accept it as the natural ebb and flow of life.

Before the mad Bar Mitzvah rush, though, Max had a big event of his own- performing in his high school musical. He performed last year too, though this time he had a larger role, which required him to work even harder at the singing and the dancing. Any time my children work hard at something, and they get to enjoy the rewards of their labor, I am a happy camper.

We all enjoyed the performance of 13 The Musical, and we have been listening and singing to the music ever since. It's pretty catchy.