My Scrapbook Resume

Friday, December 26, 2014

Clique Kits January Kit; Tailor Made

I am on vacation now, which means it is scrapbooking and blogging catch-up time.

So let's get's started.

I have two layouts to share with this month's Clique Kit.

I love this kit to pieces. Amy Tangerine's papers, those large scripted words, lovely stickers that remind me of colorforms of the days of yore, and more acetate script words from Chic Tags. I've been whipping out layouts a thing that makes lots of layouts.

Here is numero uno, in which I document my love for coffee mugs, and the cozy images they create.

And, on a more momentous note,  next is the layout where I capture Sam's first day of wearing Tefillin. This is a big deal for a boy (and his family) about to become a Bar Mitzvah. He will wear those Tefillin each morning suring morning prayers. Which also means, that he will now pray each morning. He seemed excited by this new part of his day, and I think he was pleasantly surprised that everyone at school seemed happy and excited for him too.

It also means, that the big Bar Mitzvah day is coming up soon: