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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Write.Click.Scrapbook. JUNE

This month is Write.Click.Scrapbook's 4th birthday, and to celebrate we each found one thing from WCS  that inspired us in the past year. I didn't end up going too far back for inspiration, and I took Marnie Flores' mother day idea. Each year she takes a picture with each of her children on mother's Day, and fights the urge to delete those photos.

I am madly in love with the photos. The kids are alright, too.

And, in honor of  WCS's 4th birthday, we have a blog hop for you filled with  writing, clicking, and scrapbooking tips for you. So let's take a look at this layout for some genius tidbits.

I loved the way these photos turned out, and I knew right away that I wanted to scrapbook them. I put them on the page, and was pleased as all heck, and then I thought to myself, "Hmm, but what is the story that I am trying to tell here?" Is it to recap the activities of the day? Is is that I love these kids? Or, that spending the day in Central Park is becoming a Mother's day tradition? Maybe there is no story, other than I like the pictures. That is fine, too. Ultimately, the answer was that I wanted to capture the fun I had being the center of attention for the day. As the grown up, I am always balancing what others want to do, respecting other's opinions, and all sorts of mature tasks. On Mother's Day, I said, "You. Your turn to be in a picture with me. And you have to like it." How fun is that?
So that's my advice; ask yourself what is the story you want to tell. Then tell it. Sometimes a story takes a lot of words to tell. Sometimes just a few will do.

Oh, this is not anything new, but I repeat: "Hand over the camera to someone else." In the moment of living life, I often forget to do this, but I have found that when I tell my husband before hand that I want to be in some photos, it is more likely to happen. I also switch my camera to auto-mode, before I hand it over to someone else. Also, is you have a teenage boy, a slightly off-color joke will help you get a good smile. See above.

For lots of photos on a page, print them small, print them in a strip, and in Photoshop Elements, I added a frame to each photo to help it stand out. You could achieve a similar effect by matting the photos with black paper.

So, happy June. Happy birthday, WCS. Please check out the blogs of the wonderful ladies at Write.Click.Scrapbook for more tips about this lovely hobby of ours.

Aliza (That's me!)
Amy C.
Amy S.
Lisa O.


  1. Love the idea of a photo with each of your kids. I finally (after nearly 30 years of motherhood) thought to have my husband take a photo of me with all my kids (or at least those still at home), but how fun it would be to have some with each one! So useful, too, for future layouts on who knows what subject. Thanks for the idea!

    I love your layout as well--very nice!

  2. I sure like that background print you used!