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Sunday, June 2, 2013


This Mother's Day, we went to Central Park to walk around, to climb on the rocks, and to just generally be. Outside. I took my camera along to record it all, knowing that I will have many repeats of pictures that I have taken before. Sam loves those rocks, and I have photographed and scrapped about him climbing there for years.

When I realized how far back these pictures went, I decided to put some together on a page, for a "Then and Now" approach:

And then there is the other thing Sam loves to do; look at bugs. One of my first scrapbook pages are of a four-year-old Sam enjoying a potato bug. This Mother's Day, he discovered a leech. I know neither of those are technically insects, so "creepy crawly creatures" would really be more accurate.

And while we are talking about Sam, I made this layout about another Sam love: Pickles.

He likes a lot of stuff, that kid.

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