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Friday, May 24, 2013

Dinnertime Moments

We never set out with the goal of eating dinner together as a family. It just kind of happened. Maybe because that's how we were raised, or maybe because we just get hungry at the the same time. Either way, I am glad that we do, since many laughs are had over dinner. And every once in a while, someone says something really nice, and kablam! into the scrapbook it goes. Sam actually said the words about Max, "He is a good brother." (!!!!!)

Those photos above are not from the dinner table, but in the following layout, I had to capture the extreme laughter that was taking place.

There are many other ongoing jokes and topics of conversation that happen around the dinner table. I suppose some will get scrapped and some will end up being stored just in our heads. I guess there are worse places a story could be.

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