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Friday, November 30, 2012


Now folks, it is time for my final sketch as part of the Sketchabilities design team. Would it be wrong to say, this sketch might be my favorite? Of course, they are all great, but I really like the way this one turned out.

And here's my take:

The journaling says: I ever so gently suggested to Max that he’s been spending too much time on electronics, to the exclusion of all other hobbies. He agreed (yay!), and went to the library for some books. As he sat down to read The Hobbit, he said, "Where's the button to turn this thing on?" 

Which reminded me of this book:

Which is basically about this:

And while I am sharing a layout about Max reading, I can also share this one about Sam. I also framed his reading picture with the same adorable Polaroid frame (Which is available for FREE from Persnickety Prints.)

I know kids and their reading habits is a common layout topic. I've seem lots of them. The funny thing is, this one about Sam was going to be about why it was okay that Sam was not that fond of reading. And then he started to read more often. Which I was glad about, but really forced me to rethink all of my journaling. 

Have you ever made a page about a child discovering the joys of reading?

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  1. Lovely layouts, Aliza! My oldest always was a book worm. I was worried about my middle child but I now she loves reading. I had to write a note to school few days ago saying that she is allowed to read The Hobbit. She is in 6th grade and The Hobbit is one of these books that are kept in the office and require a parent permission.