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Monday, November 5, 2012

More Post Hurricane Catch Up

Earlier in the month of October I received an email from Marnie Flores asking me to be part of the Write.Click.Scrapbook team. It still makes me a little breathless to type that. But, yes, it happened. When I first ventured into the online scrapbooking world,  I found Write. Click.Scrapbook, and I thought, "Ooh, how do I get to be there? That would be a dream come true." And, now I am there, so this is a complete and utter thrill for me.

The November gallery is all about "Favorite Colors." Hearing those two words, the first thing that pops into my head is "black." And then, "gray." Really, most of my wardrobe is a variation of those two colors, with an occasional splash of another color. And every day, I have to decide which gray or black clothing to wear:

It's quite a conundrum. What's your favorite color?


  1. Love the pops of colour in this.
    Great page.

  2. Aliza what wonderful news. Love when things come together like that. I love the little burst of color and have to laugh, that is my wardrobe choice too most days, which grey/black sweater/shirt/skirt to wear. :)

  3. Hi, Aliza, this page is awesome! And congrates on you new DT position! :)